John M. Peters

For over 30 years

Thirty years in the practice of law has taught me more than how to succeed on behalf of clients in the legal arena. I have learned what is most important to clients when they are facing a legal challenge. Clients are unconcerned with fancy art work, rows of leather-bound law books and expensive suits. Clients want three things from their lawyer: personal attention, cost-effective fee arrangements and professionalism. These three objectives are the foundation of my practice.

Cost-Effective Fee Arrangements

My best form of advertising is a satisfied client who was charged fairly for the services provided. My billings can be based upon an hourly rate, a flat fee for the engagement, a fee that is contingent upon a recovery or savings to the client or a combination of these arrangements. My guiding principle on fees is to make them cost-effective for the client and the matter the client has engaged me for. This often requires flexibility and re-evaluation as the client’s legal matter evolves. My approach to billing is simple. When your matter is concluded and regardless of the outcome, I want you to be able to tell others, “He worked with me to establish a fee that was fair.”

Personal Attention

From initial intake to the conclusion of our engagement, your legal matter will be handled exclusively by me. Your case will not be scattered among a staff of individuals, none of whom is completely familiar with all aspects of the case when you need an answer. You can sleep at night knowing that every material aspect of your legal matter is being handled by an attorney with over thirty years of professional experience.

Nothing is worse than not being able to hear from your attorney when you need him. I believe that you are entitled to a prompt response from me when you have a question or concern about your legal matter, whether that is at 6:30 in the morning, 8:30 at night or on a weekend. I do something which is just as important as advising my clients – I listen to my clients and I hear what they are telling me.


Clients are often under a great deal of stress when pursuing a legal matter. The last thing they need is for their attorney to add to that stress by embarrassing or annoying the client. Professionalism means many things. In the end, professionalism means that you conduct yourself in a manner which inspires the confidence and respect of your client, and those you deal with on your client’s behalf. Clients want prompt and fair outcomes to their legal matters. They do not want to make the law their profession.

"What I enjoyed the most about working with you was the personal interest that you took with me to ensure that I understood the full scope of the case and the situation that my business was facing. I like your style"
Jess Langley, Owner, East Tennessee Moving Company, LLC - Tennessee